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The child tenaciously takes
his first steps on wobbly limbs.
He then begins to reach out beyond his wooden pen,
and attempts to explore the unknown.
His mother blocks off parts of the house, to no avail,
because he is determined.
The colossal gate to the cold, white ice lands
he opens boldly with his tiny hands.
His eyes grow wide as he marvels
at the bright packages of colors against the white
Now bored with his new discovery,
he waddles to the counter, climbs the chair,
(which precariously tips to the side, but he doesn’t
and sees boxes, bottles, and bowls in the metal basin.
How strange, he wonders to himself, and after
toddles back to his room, but not before he catches
sight of
the front door.

Photo: Toddler by eflon [Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic]

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